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Build your business in Germany with a .de website

Dot DE keyboard imageAre you looking to maintain access to markets in Germany?

The right .de website makes your business searchable - and findable - to potential German customers. Without it your business may simply be invisible in Germany.

German taste in adverts - and websites - is very different to that in the UK. There is much more emphasis on features and facts - much less appeal to emotion.

Why a German website is now a must-have:

Developing a .de website shows your clients and potential customers in Germany that you are here to stay. Your website can act as a (perfectly translated) online brochure - presenting exactly the information your potential clients require when they need it. A well-designed, highly functional, focused German website can raise your organisation’s profile.

Vivien Hacker

It can help you win new German customers and keep them. It can help to create and maintain your credibility in the German market.

Eureko's Vivien Hacker Waine says: “Germans approach web research differently. Picking the right information and presenting it in the most appropriate way for the German market is absolutely critical. It really levels the playing field against your competitors.”

How to be there for your customers in Germany

Six key steps to increase your website’s impact and findability within Germany:

•    Identify the parts of your current website that are most relevant to Germany
•    Create content to fill in any gaps
•    Structure it all in a way that makes sense to potential German customers
•    Translate the content into perfect German
•    Create new domain names for a .de website - and test these
•    Develop Keyword lists and strategies for Search Engine Optimisation in Germany

How Eureko could help your business

Our bilingual and native German speaker specialists can work with you to create a punchy German website that helps your business win more business profitably.

For support with website translations please see our translation services or contact Eureko

Posted: 18th August 2017


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