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Case study: Pacerpole Ltd

Pacerpoles product

We first found out about Pacerpoles, a unique family-run small business on Lake Windermere, from our UKTI International Trade Advisor.

We got in touch with them right away and went over to Windermere to personally meet Heather and Alan Rhodes, the couple who have single-handedly designed the Pacerpoles: amazing aids to healthy posture, hiking performance and physical security in all climes and terrains.

Through getting to know the brains behind this product personally,we learned about the deeply emotional and ethical mission of Heather and Alan to help individuals all over the world to enjoy the natural benefits of walking, trekking and climbing even more safely and therapeutically.

Alan and Heather of PacerpolesWe at Eureko have been translating the wealth of information Heather and Alan have produced in order to bring their innovative product to the health-conscious, leisure-active Germans, Austrians and Swiss of all ages. We are also looking into marketing and reseller opportunities.

Matthias Heid, Manager of the Wyndham Garden Hotel in Germany: “For my walks through German forests – my home town is on the edge of the Black Forest - I would automatically use my Nordic walking sticks. The first time I tested the Pacerpoles, I realised their benefits immediately and have never used anything else since. They’re a natural extension of my own limbs.” 


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Posted: 11th January 2015


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