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Finding the right German trade fair for your business

Competitive international markets are difficult places to stand out.

The ever-increasing flood of digital communication means that your business can all too easily disappear from view. Nothing still beats clear, direct, face-to-face communication.

Being Trade Fairat the right trade exhibition can bring your business to the front of potential customers’ minds - and keep it there. Each one of the thriving, sector-specific trade fairs in Germany is unique. It provides a real world opportunity for your business to break through the noise.

Almost every sector and type of technology is covered by a specialist trade fair based in Germany.

Each trade fair provides a unique meeting point for its business sector - a way for manufacturers, industry experts, potential customers and business partners to establish and build strong relationships.

Finding your gateway to national and international markets:

Most of the world’s leading trade fairs for many sectors are held in Germany. They provide new opportunities to access markets in Germany, Europe and across the world.

 The key to making one work for you is simple: 

  • find the right trade fair for your business
  • make detailed plans to get the most of your business opportunities there
  • ensure effective staffing and follow-up

Locating trade fairs in Germany is easier than ever. The latest website from the Association of the German Trade Fair Industry: AUMA has an easy-to-use, searchable database.

Making it happen

AUMA offers a wide range of guides, checklists, data and publications – a toolbox to help you get the most out of German trade fairs. Need help with selecting the right trade fair for your business?  Or with planning effectively to make the most of that presence?  Eureko Associates Limited has been helping UK clients to make the most of German trade fairs for almost two decades now.

See our website page outlining our trade fair support services

For support with German trade fairs contact Eureko

Posted: 31st May 2019


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