Your Specialists in the North of England for Trading with Germany

Language Communication

Connecting with new German customers

Presenting your company and its products in perfect business German is vital. It really gives you an edge over other companies looking for export success, but who rely only on English.

Translation is about more than just words. Being bilingual, we will get to grips with your products - and your target market - before starting any translation. We can then turn your words into the German equivalent of the original that reads as though it was never translated. We translate sales literature, advertising, website information, product labels and product information as well as videos into perfect idiomatic German.

We also use German creatively to produce advertisements, headlines and slogans, as well as writing full-length features for the German trade magazines and websites.

Furthermore, we can also handle all incoming emails for you and formulate replies in German for your new customers, as well as dealing with all sales enquiries, orders and after sales communications.


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