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Translation Services

  • Translating all kinds of technical and non-technical texts, including emails in German and/or English
  • Translating websites from German into English and from English into German, and advising on content


Working as an experienced bilingual team on your documents or website texts, we will turn your words into the exact German or English equivalent of the original.

Just to give three examples of the basic structural differences between English and German that one needs to be mindful of in order to avoid imperfections. Germans use nouns as information carriers which they automatically scan and comprehend while the English reader typically seeks understanding via clauses with one or more verbs. Then there is the fact that although German sentences do have a start, middle and end they are not necessarily in that order. Not to mention punctuation differences.

The effective translator therefore not only has to bear the original message in mind, but also as the messenger their responsibility towards the reader.

To find out more about our philosophy of translation, please see our popular blogs Tips and Techniques for Translating German into English and What a difference a word makes.

We translate all kinds of technical and non-technical texts, websites, academic articles, written communications such as emails, and blogs. 


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